(1) Clean a vase by washing it thoroughly in water with a household bleach. (2) Fill the vase with fresh water and a few drops of household bleach for each litre of water. (3) Do not stand gerberas in a deep vase of water; 3 cm (1 ΒΌ inches) of water. (4) Remove from any packaging or boxing you have received the gerbera stems. (5) Re-cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife under running water. (6) Arrange the flowers in the vase. (7) Keep flowers in a cool room, out of direct sun and away from sources of heat and drafts. (8) Display your flowers away from fruit and vegetables, which produce ethylene gas; this causes cut flowers to deteriorate. (9) Recondition the flowers every day; Re-cut the stems and refill your vase with a solution of two drops liquid bleach and cool water.
Pine Ridge Gardens Large and Mini Gerbera
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