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Pine Ridge Gardens Large Gerbera Dunnville Ontario
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Pine Ridge Gardens

Pine Ridge is a year round Canadian cut flower grower in the Niagara region of Ontario. We grow a beautiful array of fresh locally grown large and mini gerberas. We deal with many Canadian and American wholesalers to distribute our product.

As a company, our staff prides themselves with quality products and excellent service. We do our best to fill our customers' flower needs.

Sincerely, Henry Westerveld - President

Pine Ridge Gardens Large and Mini Gerbera
Sales Contacts
Henry Westerveld
782 Diltz Rd., RR#2
Dunnville, ON
N1A 2W2
Tel: 905.774.3328
Fax: 905.774.7526
Gerbera flowers mini large ON
Gerbera flowers mini large Ontario
Pine Ridge Gardens Large Gerberas